Who We Are

‘Blessed to bless’. We are a people that The Lord God Almighty Himself cares for. He watches over us from beginning to the end and has called us to care for His people. At Providence Centre, we have a mandate to rescue the unsaved, nurture and bring to maturity Jesus’ sheep; raise them as living stones with which HE will build HIS Church.

We are primarily people focused. Jesus loves us so much that He gave His life for us and we have received that same love, to love Christ and to love you. We are in Dorking to express the love of God to impact the society for the kingdom of God. We will work with other believers to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, serve in the community by engaging all ages, backgrounds and societies in activities that will inspire, develop and empower as many as possible to be the best God made them to be.

This we will accomplish by teaching and preaching the anointed word in bible studies; Inspirational praise and worship sessions during our Sunday and mid-week services; counselling, volunteering in the community and prayers. Whatever your background, you are welcome to join the family of Providence Centre where we nurture and lead people to discover God through the love of Christ.